Jenny Jardine

About Me

For as long as I can remember, art has been a central part of my life.  At the age of ten years old, I started taking painting lessons and now I have the privilege of teaching visual art to middle school and high school students in the Phoenix area.  I like to blend the technical skills I learned while acquiring my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with my desire to try new styles in my free time.  During this free time I also love to travel, and much of my art is inspired by the adventures I have while visiting new places.  

My Work

Most of my paintings begin as a series of photographs I take from a single location like a street corner or side of a bike trail. I then collage them together to create a unique scene with a play on perspective. They have been described as realistic and can be considered a painted version of a photo collage. I love to take reality and decide how I want to alter it.  I can add, delete or obscure what I see to make it something new and different.  At the end, I have made something that is unique and completely my own. The majority of the art I create serves as a visual reminder of the places I’ve been.  I often choose to paint the most beautiful or interesting scenes from cities I have visited. The final product then represents a memory.

Public Art

I have also worked on a few public art pieces with Shaw Elementary School in Phoenix to create mosaic murals for their courtyard. These were created using glass tiles that were individually hand cut and pieced together to create a larger scene.